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The Mission of Annony is to Offer an Alternative for the Production, Distribution, and Broadcasting of Independent Movies, TV Shows, Programming, Music, Media and Entertainment Worldwide.

Annony Studios is a Multi-Media Company that focuses on the Production of Film, Television, Music, Photography, Sports, Media, Entertainment, and Educational Services for Independents, Corporations, Small Businesses, and Individuals. 

Annony Studios offers a wide range of In-House Services that covers all aspects of Production, Pre-Production, Post-Production, and Distribution, all under one Corporate Umbrella.

Welcome to Voicer

Annony Studios – Annony, Georgia

Annony Studios is a 40,000 Sq ft State of the Art Production Studio.  We focus on the Development, Production and Distribution of Film, Television, Music and Multimedia.

Our Projects

We are in Pre-Production, Production and Post Production of Annony Original Films, Television Shows and Music Releases.

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Motion Picture
Motion Picture

Our Clients

  • The Walking Dead
  • J. Anthony Brown
  • Ying Yang Twins
  • Miguel Nunez
  • Benzino
  • Derez Deshon
  • Palmer William Jr.
  • Dreamworks
  • Walt Disney
  • Marvel
  • HBO
  • Discovery Network
  • Uline
  • Progressive Insurance

Annony News

Find out about everything happening here at Annony Studios. Keep an eye outhere for all of our upcoming events

Meet The CEO of Annony Studios

Come and Meet the Owner and CEO of Annony Studios.

Annony Studios Is Now Hiring!

Annony Studios is expanding its workforce and hiring new team members and interns for its Sales, Production Staff and Crew.

Annony Studios is venturing into Sports Production

Annony Studios is partnering with the Association of Independent Sports to Film and Broadcast Indie Pro Sports, on Sports.

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We were delighted to host Comedian J. Anthony Brown for a 2 night Comedy Show at The OH! (The Opera House) in Griffin, Georgia.  We are also set to produce a sitcom, “The J. Anthony Brown Show”,  which was slated for production in 2020, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

– J. Anthony Brown – Comedian

Veteran Actor Miguel Nunez, most known for his role as Jamal Jefferies, in the 2002 film Juwanna Man, came to visit the studio.  We were delighted to host Mr. Nunez and enjoyed a wonderful meeting and he also stayed to have lunch with the executive staff.

– Miguel Nunez – Actor

We were delighted to Welcome Gospel Legend Vanessa Bell Armstrong to the Annony Family.  She came down to tour the facility, along with her 2 beautiful daughters, we enjoyed her laughter and awesome wisdom.  She returned and recorded her first single under the Annony Umbrella, “Good”, set for release in 2021.

– Vanessa Bell-Armstrong – Gospel Legend